What Is The Correct Percentage Between Fitness + Nutrition?

This is a question and debate that has divided opinion over the years.  I often hear people say ‘..the key to losing weight is 70% nutrition 30% fitness..’ or ’..50% fitness and 50% nutrition..’

Well I disagree with both. Its 100% commitment to fitness and nutrition. You must be 100% Committed, and most importantly Consistent in both fitness and nutrition. If you focus on one more than the other you will still see results, but at a much slower rate. 

If you were to dedicate yourself 100% to both fitness and nutrition, your success rate would be much higher and quicker, helping you to achieve your goals, and also programming you mentally to be able to maintain them.

Several people I know moan and complain it’s hard to be 100% consistent to fitness and nutrition, but is it really? If you plan and prepare, and use common sense it may not be as hard as it seems. You may actually find that planning your meals and workouts ahead of schedule to ensure you can get your workout in can be hugely beneficial. 

Instead of pressing that snooze button, get up a little earlier to make sure you get a good heathy breakfast in, get your healthy lunch and snacks made ready for you to take to work.  If you prefer to train in the mornings, prepare things the night before, then use your mornings to do your workout. 

Stop being lazy get out your bed and start your day as you intend to go on. A famous quote that I will always stand by is this ‘..fail to prepare, prepare to fail..’

Nothing comes easy. The focus and drive to maintain your consistency must be relentless. Things will come up like birthdays, special occasions, celebrations and sick days, but when you really want to achieve something, especially something you may never have had, or if you’re trying to get back to a certain fitness level, there can be NO DAYS OFF and NO EXCUSES.

Make sure this is not you!! 

If you’re reading this, it means you want to change something. I believe you can do it, and you need to believe in yourself too. So, take this advice and be 100% committed and consistent in your fitness and nutrition, and watch how quickly your goals are achieved.


  • Plan your food a week in advance, but its that not possible, then at least the night before.
  • Write down what you eat, drink and the amounts to help keep track.
  • Know the days and times you can workout and don’t let anything stop you
  • Plan your workouts so you don’t waste time, and have a clear mind what muscle groups and exercises you are doing that day.
  • Stay Positive.
  • Stay 100% committed and consistent.
  • Once you’re in the gym turn your phone off (no distractions).
  • iPod in and kill your workout.